If I have an upright fish tank of this size and height it will be very difficult to clean or to remove dirt from the bottom of the tank. And to clean these three huge tank will be a problem with an UPRIGHT tank, Water changing is another problem. The advantages of this OPEN BOTTOM concept is cleaning is easy and changing of water is not require as water is circulated with the water from the pond. The water is continuously flowing below these tank and the fish is also healthier and live longer. The height of ONE meter and above also allows the fish more space to move freely. Fish can also move between the two tank from the opening at the bottom of the tank..
The only problem is I need to feed the fish every day

Aquarium decoration

Tropical Fish Aquarium Accessories


Tropical fish aquarium accessories include filters, lighting and decorative materials. Choose tropical fish aquarium accessories with tips from a limnologist in this free video about tropical fish.

Discus planted tank 180L (1080p)

Best Fish Tank Aquarium I Ever Created - Beautiful


The best 55 gallon freshwater community fish tank aquarium. The best fish tank aquarium ever holds a Colorful Fish World of Neon, Glo Lite and other Tetras, Marble, Orange and assorted Mollies, Guppies and a few others.

Fresh Water Aquarium + Tips


This video is an introduction to my 40 gallon aquarium. It also includes some basic tips about caring for an aquarium. It is fresh water and contains guppies, one tetra, and various rainbow fish. I personally find freshwater to be easier to take care of in that the fish are more resistant to changes in chemistry and temperature. Also because more plants live in fresh water than sea water.